governmental emancipation

Feels like I'm stuck on a loop, Each day in my room like I'm locked in the boot, Of mum's car at age 6 or seven, If It were hotter maybe I would've gone to heaven, Instead jesus blessed me with the mess that be, 2020 21 you see god blessed me with moments of … Continue reading governmental emancipation

Spanian – Yogitzu #rap Who is Spanian? Spanian, The adlay philosopher, Watch your back, Or he might jump on top o' ya, Barbell and blood cell, Intel or get well, Mans got, a trillion nerve cells, You might hate, checkmate, Creatin' a magnate, Straight dilate ya blind date, Hydrate ya soul mate, mutate her heart rate, ya … Continue reading Spanian – Yogitzu #rap

Collaboration over competition – #YogiBars

Collaboration over competition is a worthy addition, The success of another is not an attrition, This affirmation is the spoken petition, That collaboration is a worthy expression, And the success of another is the success of myself, You and I, brahman - we are oneself, Competition is an unhealthy expression, Only through collaboration can we … Continue reading Collaboration over competition – #YogiBars