On gender roles, nonbinary-ism, chaos and order, and sexual attraction.

Human society is governed by diametrically opposing forces, that is, chaos and order, yinyang, masculine and feminine - the right and left hemispheres of the brain. Chaos being that from which new things emerge, and order, that which keeps the chaos at bay: the lions and barbarians beyond the castle walls, and the debt collectors … Continue reading On gender roles, nonbinary-ism, chaos and order, and sexual attraction.

How free do we really want to be?

Is total freedom really the best way for a society to be constituted? If we had true freedom we would not require things as laws to govern thebehaviour of others, and so, it is clear that we are willing to trade somefreedom for some protection. This makes sense because safety is our highestneed, and if … Continue reading How free do we really want to be?

On changing.

The environment within which we were raised, as a child, teenager, and until now, is the same environment that has resulted, in part, in our current configuration. This environmental constitution elicits particular behaviours from us, resulting in particular perspectives and ways of viewing and interacting with reality. Within this environment we are only able to … Continue reading On changing.

Spanian – Yogitzu #rap

https://youtu.be/mr_4ZGTZyss Who is Spanian? https://youtu.be/FFuCYfCxfG8 Spanian, The adlay philosopher, Watch your back, Or he might jump on top o' ya, Barbell and blood cell, Intel or get well, Mans got, a trillion nerve cells, You might hate, checkmate, Creatin' a magnate, Straight dilate ya blind date, Hydrate ya soul mate, mutate her heart rate, ya … Continue reading Spanian – Yogitzu #rap